Batiment Group Limited (BGL) provides solutions from scope development, planning, and system design through complete project and management. Our in-house professional, multi- discipline capability, combined with our extensive construction experience, provides a seamless, efficient process for customers on both design and turnkey projects.

BGL was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2002. It is an independent multidisplinary consulting firm offering services in planning, architectural design, and management of architec- tural and infrastructure projects, quality control and coordination of construction projects from inception to completion.

BGL is also involved in assessment, improvement and protection of the natural environment. The practice is well grounded in architecture and project management

We have developed our skills over the years in response to growing customer demand for a variety of coordinated services.

Our expertise has been honed by planned growth in traditional markets as well as strategic entry into developing fields. Whatever the scope of your needs, we have the resources, knowledge, and creativity to transform vision
into reality.

Our multidimensional approach benefits customers in settings ranging from utilities and the public to the private sector., all of which have a fundamental an practical impact on the day-to-day lives of people.

At BGL we strive constantly to offer the competence our clients require.

Our Mission Statement
To offer innovative functional,cost-effective construction and infrastractural development solutions.

Our Vision
To expand our market share in sub-saharan africa through excellence and outreach in costruction and project management service.

Our Values
We deliver value to our clients through application of skilled professional services by applying bold innovative technical solutions.