Our Methods

The Value Chain
Experience has proved that value can be added through better planning concepts, more innovative designs, improved construction programmes, lower life cost of projects and reduced risks.

In whatever project BGL undertakes, be it blocks, industrial building, communication structures, water storage & reticulation, onsite & offsite sewerage disposal, rainwater harvesting, maintenance, we are guided by the determination to deliver value to clients.

The practice pursues an approach to technical problems that flow from a sound understanding of well-proven techniques and solutions. In this respect it achieves innovation in design and technology through a process of evolution.

Taking Care of The Environment
From time immemorial man has been curbing natures forces, forming space to suit his needs. BGL, however, is concerned with man’s creative attitude towards his surroundings and strives to ensure sustainable development in all that it does.The practice, therefore, strives to develop the land, while preserving nature.

Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is defined by the United Nations as:
In details it may be defined as a process that enables all people to realize their potential and improve their quality of life in ways that simultaneously protect and

At BGL, and as architects we understand fully that our role in promoting sustainable development is enormous. Consequently, over time and guided by our policy of continuous improvement of how we deliver services to our clients, we have managed to inculcate values and ethics in our processes which guide us when handling project of any nature. More than often we refuse to take up assignments when the client compromises these values and principles.

BGL objectifies man’s urge to shape the world the best he can and by so doing conceptualize optimal ways of using land.In addition the practice creates comfortable dwelling places, functional public buildings and effective water and sanitation schemes.

BGL believes that consistent work and improvement yields better living conditions for our clients.In addition,this enables us to apply bold technical solutions that are being bettered all the time through the process of evolution.

Leaps of Imagination
BGL also frequently undertakes projects that require leaps of imagination using new materials and relatively unknown methods.The practice is staffed and structured so as to perform effectively in all such situations.To this end we seek to ensure that BGL is constantly kept abreast of the most recent research and development in all branches.

Working with clients all the way
BGL provides sufficient backgrounds and technical information to the client to enable him carry out an informed decision.

BGL also assists the client from conception through to planning, appraisal, design and implementation and commissioning.We underscore the importance of good communication with the client for successful completion of a project because the aim of any project is a satisfied customer.

Taking Advantage of New Technology
The practice strives to keep ahead of competition by continuously reviewing its procedures and embracing new methods and technologies.With extensive use of computers and the latest software we achieve an easier formation and circulation of ideas and faster better and more profitable conduct of business.In addition it helps us offer our services at cheaper rates to our clients.

Staff Training
In line with our mission statement of providing technologically advanced solutions to our clients BGL puts a lot of emphasis on personal development of its staff. To this end, the staff constantly participates in short and long courses, workshops and training seminars.
Additionally we are continually looking for new ways of delivering services, technology and products by way of the Internet.

Strategic Alliances
BGL believes in forming strategic business alliances with like-minded people and organizations that espouse our values and vision. This enables us to provide services to our clients from a single point of source, therefore, ensuring efficiency to the benefit of our clients.
BGL however puts alot of emphasis on success of the alliances it forms and has come up with measurable criteria for evaluating their success.By so doing we ensure that our practice handles jobs from very small to very big via the concept of a virtual enterprise.

Offering Experience to Clients
The practice believes that the reputation of any consultant is based on its past performance.
BGL has undertaken many projects and in addition to designs, studies and assessments it has also been engaged to investigate causes of failure buildings and towers both in service and during construction.Consequently BGL has acquired technical expertise, deep commercial awareness and project management capability